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Public Art

The Hebrew Name for Hadassah Sculpture

Healthcare • Hospital Location

The Hadassah Hospital, The Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower

Ein Karem, Israel

Year 2012

Mikvah/Hope Sculpture with Masada Mural

Liturgical Setting

Los Gatos Jewish Community Center Mikvah

Los Gatos, California


Alef Letter Sculpture

Liturgical Setting

Congregation Shir Hadash

Los Gatos, Califonnia


Congregation Shir Hadash had begun a remodel project and I began talking with the Aesthetics Committee about a possible sculpture. Initially we explored the idea of the Hebrew letter Alef in Bronze for an indoor location. I showed the group a small scale model in bronze of the sculpture.



As the building work was completed and the actual space available was reconsidered, it was decided to make it an outdoor sculpture. Since we did not have any secure locations to display bronze sculpture, we decided to change the material to fabricated steel.


I worked with all the members of the Aesthetics Committee, deciding on location and scale of the work, but had especially close interactions with the interior designer Barbara Jacobs and Carolyn Lettween the head of the committee. I want to thank all the people who helped me on this project. Public Art is about community and learning to work in harmony with each other.


Alef is the first letter in the Hebrew Alphabet and symbolizes the One energy, symbolic for the concept of God. It is a letter that is silent. In silence we find our strongest connection to our understanding of God.

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